Amanda’s Inspiring Essay about her experiences after the teacher training

When I started to write the self-inspections I felt weird; it was not an exercise that I was used to doing. But quickly I got familiar with it and now I try to self-inspect myself everyday.

I have been practicing yoga since October 2008, 7 years now, but I have changed a lot when it comes to yoga. Clearly when I started I was too young to realize the immense and deep transformation I was starting to face.

But my yoga practice, knowledge and awareness reached an important turning point this summer during the teacher training. I already had started to give little yoga private classes and definitely had a consistent practice but had never had or given the time to immerse myself into yoga. It was always there, it was always a priority but always surrounded of other stuff. This teacher training finally gave me the time to read the sutras, to study anatomy, to share with my teachers, to learn pranayama. It was magic.

So yes the last six months have been quite revolutionary: I quit my job, I started to teach more consistently and I have fully engaged in a pranayama practice. And even my asana practice, which has been consistent for 7 years now, has changed as I have been working towards greater awareness, slower movements, more strength and better breath.

While re-reading my samkalpa or personal intentions I realize most of them have been covered or begin to be covered after and during the TT. I’ve dedicated and still dedicate time to read the sutras, to take notes and to be familiar with them. I have a much deep asana practice. I have worked on my communication skills, which is still a daily struggle: I love communicating but when in front of a class or people I freak out.  It is getting better though!

I have also become more and more aware of my thoughts and words, probably thanks to the self-inspections. And life at home is more stable: now my schedule matches my boyfriend’s and we have started to share more and more the spiritual aspect of our lives. He is more open than ever towards understanding my life rhythm and my engagement with yoga.

Anatomy was a whole new discovery. I am still trying to create more space for that but I have to say that already the basics I got during the TT were an important learning. It has changed also my approach towards a lot of postures that I used to do more “randomly”, even drishtis have started to adapt to my little anatomy knowledge!

Pranayama has been just life changing. Now that I work at the studio I get to do a 30 minutes pranayama practice before starting my 2 hours asanas and it has just been a revelation. The kriyas have helped me so much to contrast constipation and pranayama is doing so much towards my dharana and my dhyana, these exercises have really changed my whole yoga practice and I am really grateful!

Teaching has also been quite a revelation; I realize serving others helps me grow too. I’ve always liked the social side of architecture and it is amazing being able to share my practice too. I can’t escape from being part of a community.

Regarding my life and thoughts I am still full of stuff to do and still super busy, I wrote in the self-inspections that sometimes I think I try to do a lot. But also I believe it is in my nature and no matter how hard I try to go against it comes back, so I’ll let it flow otherwise I will be stressing because I realize want to do too much. Still though, I see how much I have changed in this aspect in the last years, I am way more relaxed and organized! Less ambitious, more ordinary and way more peaceful! I see it also at home; it is such a lovely place to be even if it’s only my boyfriend and I, all the simplicity has become a gift. All the little things count now.

Amanda Marquez