Yoga Anatomy

Doing Yoga with Scoliosis

The sound isn’t great in this video, unfortunately, but there are subtitles in French so that may help some of us.  It’s a collection of clips from the 300 hour teacher training when we are talking about scoliosis.

The Skeletal Body

Here we go over the similarities and differences between the lower body and the upper body to understand why we tend to need to reinforce the shoulder girdle before attempting arm balancing poses.  Click on the photo to see the video.


Sitting forward bends:  Where are you suppose to move from in the body?  Why are they difficult for a lot of people?  Why do so many people get back injuries from these?In this clip, Linda talks briefly about those questions. How to work it to lengthen the back, tilt the pelvis and get into the …

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Oh those testy knees, so needed but oh so easily injured.  The body is a machine that when you think about it is just amazing!  This is why I so enjoy studying anatomy.  The knee joint works so well to allow us to do incredible movements with our bodies however, at the same time it can …

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