Ashtanga Fundamentals

The Root Chakra

I did this article for my friend’s new really cool magazine.  It’s about Muladhara, the first chakra which is pretty relevant to us Ashtangis!

This Word Pranayama

What’s in a Word? Prana – life force, breathAyama – stretch, extend / Yama – restrain, control Pranayama can therefore be called: “stretching of the life force”  or  “breath control”

Ujjayi Pranayama

Why do we do this Breathing Techniqueduring our Ashtanga Practice? Pourquoi nous utilisons cette technique de respiration pendant notre pratique de l’ashtanga vinyasa.

Why Bandhas?

A short video describing some of the reasons whywe practice bandhas while doing ashtanga yoga. Une courte vidéo nous expliquant pourquoi nous travaillons les bandhas pendant la pratique de l’ashtanga yoga.