Pranayama & Kriya

Jiva Bandha

This is one of the preparations we can do before pranayama.  It facilitates smooth breathing by working on the carotid artery and the whole region of the neck. Voici une préparation que nous pouvons faire avant le pranayama. Elle facilite la respiration douce et fluide, en travaillant sur l’artère carotide et toute la région du …

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Brahma Mudra

This is an exercise done before pranayama which helps to release the neck muscles and free the breathing passages for a more profound experience during pranayama.   I also find it very useful for keeping neck pain at bay.  Since I have fused cervical vertebrae and have had whiplash twice in my life, my neck …

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Uddiyana Bandha Kriya Practice

Try this every morning to improve digestion and elimination! Gerald explains how we do uddiyana bandha as a kriya (cleansing) practice in preparation for pranayama.  This is a very powerful practice even if fairly simple! Quote from Moola Bandha, The Master Key by Swami Buddhananda:  “Uddiyana bandha compresses the digestive organs, adrenal glands, kidneys, and …

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Nauli Kriya

Another powerful Kriya practice that follows the mastering of Uddiyana Bandha.  However, you should keep in mind these contraindications:UlcersMenstruationPregnancyHeart problems

Agni Sara

Another kriya to prepare yourself for your morning pranayama practice.  You can do this after Simha Mudra and before Kapalabhati. Agni means digestive fireSara means to activate or reinforce Benefits the digestive system and the liver function. Contraindications: Hyper acidity Menstruation Pregnancy