AYP Teacher Trainings

Are you ready to start sharing your yoga experience with other?  This is a video we (Gerald and Linda) did to highlight the trainings they offer and tell a bit about why and what we do.  

The objective of the 200+ hour training is to give you a deep understanding of the Ashtanga Primary Series asanas so you can teach them in a safe precise manner.  

When you complete the training you should:
Know the primary series backwards and frontwards.
Understand the alignment of all the asanas.
Have better observation skills to use to teach different body types.
Know yourself better through self-observation techniques.
Be able to comprehend the anatomical aspects of the asanas.
Know what the foundations of the Ashtanga practice are and how to teach them effectively (i.e.: bandha, breathing, drishti, vinyasa).
Know the 8 limbs of yoga and a couple of the most relevant sutras to our practice and daily life.
Know the lineage and history of Ashtanga Yoga.
Have a foundation to build upon to feel comfortable with verbalizing the instructions for the primary series.
Have a foundation to build upon to feel comfortable giving hands-on adjustments.
Have an understanding of what it means to cultivate a yogic lifestyle and how to apply this when becoming a yoga teacher.
Be able to cultivate a regular pranayama practice.

Then the bonuses we like to peek into ~ to perhaps spark some interest in topics other than Ashtanga are:
==> Pranayama
==> The Chakra System
==> Self-Observation

In short we want you to have a STRONG foundation for a beginner teacher in the most important skills needed to grow in your teaching life while inspiring you to investigate further into the other limbs of Ashtanga.

The objective of the 300 hour training is to build upon the first training by confirming your capabilities in teaching the primary series (especially to beginner’s and more advanced practitioners), initiate you into the intermediate series, explore asanas that don’t necessarily appear in Ashtanga so that you can design fun and creative workshops or vinyasa flow classes and to delve deeper into the subtler parts of yoga.

Entering or refining the intermediate series.
Perfecting the teaching of Ashtanga to beginners.
Perfecting the teaching of the Primary Series ‘Road Block’ poses.
Deepening your anatomical alignment for yoga knowledge.
A deep exploration of the Chakra System.
Experience Chakra Meditation.
Understanding the Yoga Sutras in a more profound way.
Introduction to the Bhagavad Gita.
Experiencing more Kriya and Pranayama and understanding their effects.
Refining the skills of communication and hands-on adjusting.

In short the intermediate training is to continue your growth as a yoga practitioner, a teacher and a balanced, considerate human being!