“Practice is a Tool for Observation” ~ Chuck Miller

Blown away by Chuck’s training!  Just amazing!  With his something like 40 years experience with yoga he has so much to share.  He started studying with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in 1980 so he is one of the more senior students of Ashtanga.  For over 18 years he studied intensely with Guruji and then intermittently for 10 more until his death in 2009.

Gerald first met Chuck in the early 90’s in Mysore, India and I met him when I used to go study with him in LA in the late 90’s.  He is an amazing teacher but even more importantly and truly kind, generous, honest yogi!

It’s endearing to hear all his stories of his times with Guruji.

The most amazing message to all of us Ashtangis is to be authentic to our deeper self, to be less caught up in the grooves of our minds, to practice from the place of Ahimsa and even more than simply non-harming but healing!

“Let the practice be richer, deeper, more profound;
not fast, trying to get to the end.”
“It’s not about striking a pose, there is no camera.”
“Ashtanga is really a safe practice if you understand what vinyasa means:
gradually step-by-step.”

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Nothing truly beautiful ever came from the excess use of force.

This is a video highlighting Chuck’s 2012 visit to AYP: 

Thank you Chuck for your humility, inspiration, candidness and care for us yoga students! 

Linda & Gerald