Dans cette vidéo Agata va étape par étape à travers cette pose essentielle de la séquence debout Ashtanga.  
This is a classic yoga pose which you will usually find in all ‘styles’ of hatha yoga;
there are many variations on it but what we have come to appreciate at AYP is keeping
a longer stance and finding the legs in a way that supports the uplifting aspect of the upper body.

A way to bring imagery to the actions of the pose: We can think of mūla bandha as the bulb of the root, the legs as the longer thinner roots that anchor us to the ground and uddīyāna bandha as the thick stem that supports the plant above. 

When we engage in this way, we feel stable and grounded; a feeling that with time will emerge from the gross physical feeling to a emotional and mental feeling of stability and groundedness!