Ashtanga Yoga Paris’ 15th Anniversary

Fifteen years ago, I gave the first class in the small room that I called Ashtanga Yoga Paris. Before opening that day, I wondered if anyone would show up. I had been teaching for 2 years all around Paris but nowhere near the 13th arrondissement where AYP was first born. To my delight and gratitude, I had a full class that day! Beautiful yoga students came from all over Paris to support me and this new yoga school. My heart grew that day and every day since, when I see how the yoga school and yoga in all of Paris has increased. More and more people taking time from their busy days to commit to themselves, to their well-being, to listen to their inner selves and use this to spread well-being to all those around them. We all work together to grow and build an even better future for the generations ahead! This is what living from our heart is all about! This is YOGA.

Thank you for being amazing, from the inside, to all yoga students, past and present.

And a special BIG thank you to Anni for making this video and practice sheet!