Kriyas ~ Cleansings ~ purifier le corps et l’esprit

The kriyas are purification processes to clean the body and the mind. These processes are described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.  We can say that they are even more relevant today than they were thousands of years ago with how polluted our earth now is.  We are full of toxins in our body which intoxicate our minds. 
Or, is it the reverse, have our minds become so intoxicated that we don’t respect our planet, therefore intoxicating it and inadvertently, ourselves?

Les kriyas sont des méthodes de purification pour nettoyer le corps et l’esprit. Ces méthodes sont décrites dans le Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Nous pouvons dire qu’elles sont encore plus importantes aujourd’hui que les siècles précédants étant donnée la plus forte pollution de la planète. Notre corps est rempli de toxines qui intoxiquent notre mental. Ou est-ce l’inverse, notre mental est-il devenu si intoxiqué que nous ne respectons plus la planète, nous la salissons et par conséquent nous intoxiquons nous-mêmes?

These ones are super useful at this time of the year when the nose is full of too much mucus!

Jala Neti:  Use a neti pot filled with lukewarm, salted water.  It removes dust, irritants and impurities from the nasal passages.

Sutra Neti:  Done with a string or rubber catheter.  It is a great stimulant for the nerves in the sinus, nose, ears, eyes and throat, relieving congestion and stagnant mucous conditions.  On a more subtle level it stimulates the Ajna chakra.