Lots to Learn about Yoga & Ayurveda from Sudhir Tiwari

We spent a wonderful 5 days with Sudhir Tiwari, the very knowledgable and kind son of Tiwariji!  

One of the many comments yoga students said to me, this one sums up the experience:

“Having followed the 5 magical days with Sudhir, I must admit that I am still entirely full of this energy and feel slightly different.  Sudhir’s teaching was precious to me.”

Sudhir speaking about the importance of balance and health:
“The quest for self-discovery is spirituality.
If the body and mind are not well, they are a distraction to self-discovery.”
Pulse Taking:
“One of the most important things for health is to have the doshas balanced.
What disturbs them?  Relation with the internal and external environment.”
Sanskrit Saying:
“One should never see the sunrise from their bed.”
Nature is pregnant with sattvic energy at that time and it comes to us for free.
90% of psychosomatic diseases would be solved if everyone
woke up early and spent some time with themselves.  ~ Sudhir

Part of the lovely group of yogis and yoginis (sorry many of you are missing)!
Thank you for taking time from your busy schedules to share in yogic teachings and energy!

Click here to see a video highlighting some of the things Sudhir taught over the 5 day period.