Study Yoga On-Line

If you want to study deeper into the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga System but don’t live near a teacher or have a very unusual schedule where it is easier if you set your own times of practice and study…then try our new on-line teacher training and deepening your personal practice training!!

We send you a manual in either English or French and then you follow all the lessons on line. For each on-line class there is a page of notes and a transcript in English (which is translated into French). The spoken language in the videos is English.

Gerald has been practicing since 1989 and Linda since 1995. They opened Ashtanga Yoga Paris in 2004.  We love sharing all our experience with those passionate to learn!!

Let us know if you want to join and deepen your yoga practice and understanding!

Here are a few screen shots and details of the training from our www.AshtangaYogaParis.Academy website to give a glimpse into what you can expect. So far we have had amazing feedback from those enrolled. 

Kindest wishes & namaste,
Linda & Gerald

The Videos are divided into 8 different categories:  Anatomy, Asana, Ashtanga Fundamentals, History of Yoga, Mantra, Pranayama, Teaching Methodology and Yoga Philosophy.

All the asanas of the Primary Series are broken down and examined in detail.

In addition to the Teacher Training Manual there is a notes page for every single video to give more details and info.  Enlarging the original teaching manual by another 200 pages or more!

By the end, once you’ve added all your personal notes, you will have a priceless encyclopedia of yoga with all the info we share plus everything you add to it to personalize it!

Lastly, there are transcripts and translations available for almost all the videos (we are still in the process of finishing them but they should be done soon)!
Another example of how the transcripts and translations are done in a meticulous manner 🙂 .

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Intensive Teacher Training
Self-Development & Deepening Your Personal Practice

We have developed a special on-line program of our successful in-person training for those interested in becoming yoga teachers or deepening their personal interest and knowledge of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga. We have been offering teacher trainings since 2008 and are very excited to be offering this on-line version, in support of guiding students to cultivate their inner growth and self development through a committed practice and self reflection and then using this inner guide to share their knowledge with others.
How it works:  You will have 2 years access to the on-line videos of all the topics we cover during the 5-week intensive: an amazing tool to go back to again and again!  Furthermore with each video there is a transcript, a translation into French and a notes page that indicates any readings needed, links to related topics, worksheets and home work assignments (in addition to the regular teacher training manual).
There are two options for registration: 1. In this option we will review and evaluate your homework assignments (this option includes 5 hours of Skype private lessons with either Gerald or Linda) 2. In this option you have access to the videos and all the homework lessons but you do not submit them to us for review.
This on line intensive training will offer a comprehensive overview of Ashtanga Yoga in a concise, interesting and intelligent format.  

The training is recognized internationally as continuing education hours through Yoga Alliance (meaning you have to already be registered with YA).  The 200+ hours are based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series, which gives a solid base to any dynamic asana practice since most forms of contemporary flowing yoga styles, have evolved out of Ashtanga. 
We go over every asana in strict detail; discovering the basic movements which are universal alignment techniques one can apply to all the Ashtanga series, exploring different ways to modify each position with and without props, learning the contraindications for each asana and alternatives to achieve a similar outcome, how to do hands-on adjustments and especially exploring the anatomical understanding to keep each yoga student safe in the poses to encourage a life time practice.
In addition, what is unique in our training is that all the practitioners will finish the training with a solid kriya and pranayama practice.  We encourage you to slowly add the kriya and pranayama exercises before your asana practice so that these highly effective and deep practices are taught correctly and safely.  They appear subtle however, their subtleness is deceiving therefore, kriya and pranayama need to be taught with intelligence and awareness.
Lastly, as the ‘real’ yoga is beyond the physical aspect there is a great emphasis put on yogic philosophy and daily living to ensure that we all remember to put in that “1% theory” and apply it to all aspects of our lives; on and off the yoga mat and meditation cushion! 

The Ashtanga Yoga Paris training  with Linda Munro & Gérald Disse will cover the following areas:
*Deepening Personal Practice
*Foundations of the Practice;  Bandha, Drishti, Ujjayi
*Ashtanga Specific Alignment
*Intro to Anatomy
*Yoga Philosophy & History (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Chakra System)
*Kriya & Pranayama: Developing a Daily Practice
*Living a Yogic Lifestyle
*Mysore Style Adjustments for Primary Series
*Personalizing Practices for Specific Student Needs
*Teaching Beginners, Led Primary Series and Vinyasa
*Practice Teaching & Designing Classes
*2 year access to the on-line training videos
*AYP Teacher Training Manual
The course format:
*25 Units of more than 80 hours of video footage
*At least 80 hours of self-practice (some of which we ask you to film)
*At least 50 hours of teaching (you will need to find at least one practice student and we will ask you to do some filming & reports)
*At least 30 hours of reading, written assignments & tests
*For registration Option 1 we will have 5 hours of private lessons through Skype

On-Line Training Structure
Before even beginning the Video Classes you will be asked to do the same home-study program we require of the in-person trainees.  Normally we suggest taking 3 months to do this work at a steady rate. 
There are 25 UNITS, which correspond to the 25 days of in-person intensives.  Each Unit consists of roughly 3 – 5 hours of video however, there are several times where we ask you to pause the video and do the practice explained in the video therefore it will take longer than that to go through each Unit. 
In addition you are required to keep a daily practice, of which we ask you to keep a journal of and at times we will require you to take a short film of yourself (so that we can review your competence if you are registered for Option 1). 
You will need to have at least one ‘practice student’ so that you can directly practice what you learn.  Again, for those registered in Option 1 we will ask you to submit some reports and short films.
Throughout the Units there will be extra readings, links to discover, projects and assignments to complete and submit (for Option 1 trainees).
Near the end of the training there are several tests to insure you have absorbed the information.
And finally once you have completed all 25 Units it will be time to bring it all together: we will ask you to start teaching regularly to a small group (then Option 1 trainees will be required to submit a journal and some film).  Plus there are 2 Final Essays!
Sounds like a lot but if you space it out and work steadily for about 4 hours a week in addition to your daily 1.5 – 2 hour practice, it should take about 1 year to finish.  Luckily you have the freedom to spend more or less hours than that depending on your personal situation, shortening the time to a minimum of 6 months or lengthening it out to a maximum of 2 years.

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