Preparations for Half Lotus

To be able to do the half lotus position can require lots of muscle groups that circulate and stabilize the hip joint to be lengthened.  In this video you are given one very good exercise to use a preparatory lengthening exercise for Marichyasana B, in particular.

Something that isn’t discussed in this short video are the shapes of the bones.  The shape of the acetabulum (the hip socket) and the top of the femur (thigh bone) will have an impact on ones ability to do lotus positions, whether half for full versions.  

It is never advisable to push into these positions! We can work in the direction of the pose without grasping while enjoying the process and the ‘awakening’ of the muscles around the area of the hips.  Also, please note that we should never feel pain in the knees.  If you do, you need to back out of the position until there is no pain!

Enjoy your practice, enjoying being able to breath smoothly and deeply, enjoying being alive and feeling that aliveness in your body while moving through yoga poses. We don’t need extreme poses or sensation to feel amazing in our bodies and have clear, still minds 🙂 .

Excerpt from our book on the primary series.