Oh those testy knees, so needed but oh so easily injured. 
The body is a machine that when you think about it is just amazing!  This is why I so enjoy studying anatomy. 

The knee joint works so well to allow us to do incredible movements with our bodies however, at the same time it can be quite fragile and if we are not totally present in the moment, a simple misalignment can be problematic. 

I once read that knee injuries are a reflection of our ego.  At the time I thought it was a silly thing to say but if you watch yourself you will see there is a bit of truth to that statement. 

Anyway, we all have ego and until we transcend it we will have to careful with those knees 🙂 !

Here are two videos where we are talking about only a couple of the many tips that will help us to keep our knees safe and healthy for many years!