Teaching Yoga

Handstand FUN!

Ok, so sometimes we like to do things in yoga that push us to the edge.  This edge is interesting to explore for both physical and emotional reasons (in this case the main emotion to face is fear).  Although, when exploring we must remember that we are doing ‘yoga’ and not ‘circus’.   Yoga has …

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YOUR Chaturanga Dandasana

Yoga asanas should not be forced, we are suppose to work on them step-by-step allowing our bodies to gradually develop the strength and flexibility needed to perform them.  Every asana cannot look the same for every individual.  To keep ‘ahimsa’ (nonharming) as one of the primary tenets of Ashtanga, we must adapt the pose to …

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Upavistha Konasana Adjustment

In this clip you see a great way to lengthen the spine in upavistha konasana.  It feels really good! Dans cette vidéo, vous pourrez voir comment étirer la colonne vertébral dans upavistha konasana.

Warriors ~ Virabhadrasana B

This is a short video taken during our 2011 teacher training with Linda demonstrating how to adjust the legs in Virabhadrasana B.   Voici une vidéo prise pendant le “teacher training” de 2011. Linda explique comment ajuster les jambes dans Virabhadrasana B.