Connection Karma

We have developed an association of Yogis that are committed to bringing yoga to more people in the hope of sharing tools that can help others be healthier in their bodies and cultivate clearer minds, therefore, helping them to feel better in both body and mind!

Om – Sacred Sound

Om symbolizes the four states of being.  It is the Divine sound. In this video Gerald is explaining the Fourth State – Turiya.  The other three states are waking, dreaming and sleep. A little excerpt from one of my favorite gurus, Ramana Maharshi.  “Be as you are, The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi, edited by …

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Handstand FUN!

Ok, so sometimes we like to do things in yoga that push us to the edge.  This edge is interesting to explore for both physical and emotional reasons (in this case the main emotion to face is fear).  Although, when exploring we must remember that we are doing ‘yoga’ and not ‘circus’.   Yoga has …

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